Kirin Capital was honored to welcome FPT Capital delegation

On February 22, 2023, Kirin Capital Vietnam sincerely welcomed Mr. Ngo Thanh Hai, Chairman of FPT Fund Management Joint Stock Company (FPT Capital), Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Nguyet, General Director of the company, and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Deputy Manager of the Investment Division. 

FPT Capital (FPTC) was established in 2007 with the aim of providing customers with the most appropriate investment solutions. The company was capitalized and supported by two major shareholders: FPT Corporation, a premier technological development corporation in Vietnam, and SBI Holdings Inc., one of the most Asian’s successful venture capital organizations headquartered in Japan.

During the session, Kirin Capital and FPTC exchanged valuable insights into the market and current investment activities in Vietnam. According to the Kirin Capital representative, with high growth potential and a reduction in the global impact of Covid-19, Vietnam’s investment activities, particularly international ones, will resume. Besides this, the two parties also shared more information about the projects that each company was focusing on or paying attention to.

The two sides actively discussed in-depth information about the industry

The meeting was an opportunity for the two companies to learn more about each other. Having the same goal of creating added value and sustainable development for customers, Kirin Capital Vietnam and FPTC agreed to strengthen conversations, promote long-term financial relationships, and develop a comprehensive coorporation for the foreseeable.