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Kirin Capital is a long-term fundamental research-driven equity investor in Vietnam, investing in all equity stages in sectors including technology, consumption, healthcare, and financial service.

We invest in Vietnam not only because the country has a fast-growing economy, but also because it serves as a gateway to the world.

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[KIRIN TALK] Selling a Whole New Way of Thinking – Hang Le, Co-Founder Ladee

Discover the inspiring journey of Hằng Lê, who gave up dream jobs at leading global corporations to embark on a challenging entrepreneurial life. With the desire to help Vietnamese women break down barriers, self-doubt, and hesitation to listen to their bodies and receive proper physical and mental care, she has found Ladee – a dedicated underwear laundry detergent brand for women.

KIRIN INVEST] The way that the Tiktok empire of 60 million followers – KHOI VIET MEDIA revived – CEO Do Du Hao

Khoi Viet Media is among the first businesses to join the TikTok platform and one of the typical businesses invested by Kirin Capital. Mr. Do Du Hao – Founder & CEO of Khoi Viet Media had open discussions with Kirin Capital about the MCN market (Multi-Channel Network), the wonders about his own choice and a “strong acceleration” of Khoi Viet Media.

[KIRIN INVEST] “Increasing revenue by 70% is unthinkable” – CEO Topkin

Topkin Investment Consulting Company Limited (Topkin) is a typical business that Kirin Capital invests in. Under Kirin’s advice and capital investment, Topkin had significant market share, revenue, market, and mindset changes. Since then, Topkin’s business strategy, vision, and desire for growth have reached a new level.

[KIRIN TALK] Vietnam to be “a popular choice” for China capital flow – CEO Quach Quan Quan

Vietnam and China have similar political backgrounds, cultures, and consumption trends. That is the reason why Vietnam become more attractive to Chinese businesses. In particular, Vietnam economic trend has a trajectory growth that is similar to China’s. The same things made Vietnam become a “safe investment.”