Founding Partner


Ms. Diu Tran

Ms. Diu Tran graduated from London Metropolitan University and has many years of experience working in senior positions in the field of Accounting – Banking at global companies. She has been involved in the establishment and management of equity funds and investment banking operations, co-in charge of projects at Goldblatts and Lloyds Bank.

Ms. Aliki Tseli

Ms. Aliki used to be a senior member of Goldally’s Board of Directors, who directly established and operated many of the company’s real estate and equity funds. She has many years of experience in real estate investment, settlement and international trade.

Mr. Wang Wei Ya

Mr. Wang has more than 20 years of experience in the securities industry and has held a variety of key positions in private investment fund and securities companies. He has succeeded in deals like the acquisition of CSI Securities Company, the successful listing of CSI on the stock exchange, the planned M&A of VIG Securities Company, and others due to his mastered the listing and M&A operations.

Investment Manager


Nearly 10 years of experience in the field of games industry, high technology, intelligent technology


Strength in finance, securities, focusing on private placement


Strengths in the fields of new media system, digital transformation, MCN


More than 7 years of investment experience in the fields of health, education, and consumer goods


Nearly 10 years of investment experience in construction, infrastructure, transportation, public services….