Kirin Capital visited the manufacturing site of Dai Viet Group (DVG)

On February 13, 2023, the Public Investment Department – Kirin Capital Vietnam’s research team conducted a survey at the Dai Viet Paint Group Joint Stock Company (DVG) manufacturing site. 

During the visit, the DVG representative shared with the Kirin team about the company’s business in recent years and the plan for 2023 – 2025.

DVG’s manufacturing site campus

In addition, the two sides also exchanged in-depth information about the building materials industry in Vietnam and determined that this is a good time to invest. According to Kirin Capital, the real estate market has now passed the recovery phase and is entering a strong growth momentum, creating a driving force for the paint & coatings in particular and the building materials industry in general. 

The building materials market is on a robust momentum

The expansion of the industry has led to a rising need for capital among building material manufacturers. Recognizing this, Kirin Capital Vietnam has created a Public Investment Fund with a team of seasoned experts and an international network of investors, to assist businesses in rapidly achieving their goals. 

In addition to supporting businesses, Kirin Capital also strives to create added values for investors through in-depth research and long-term monitoring, analyzing and providing accurate and comprehensive information. 

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