Kirin Capital visited and worked at Viet Phat Group (VPG)

On July 06, 2023, Kirin Capital delegation led by Mr. Fermen Lee, the Director of Investment, had the opportunity to meet and exchange with Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, CEO of Viet Phat Group (VPG). The meeting opened up attractive investment and cooperation opportunities in various promising sectors in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Van Duc (2nd from the right), General Director of VPG, warmly welcomed the Kirin Capital delegation

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Duc shared some highlights about Viet Phat Group’s business performance in 2021 – 2023. Currently, VPG is primarily engaged in mineral exploration and trading (including coal, thermal coal, and iron ore); transportation; construction – real estate; and other products and services.

Over the past 15 years of development, VPG has rapidly emerged as a leading company in the production and trading of mineral resources and domestic transportation services in Vietnam. It has become a prominent supplier to major thermal power plants and steel mills like Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Corporation (TISCO) and Hoa Phat Energy.

In addition, by understanding the economic’s development trends and maximizing the company’s existing and potential resources, VPG has expanded its business into other sectors such as port and warehouse services, import-export services, and more. The company believes these expansions will lay the foundation for its rapid and sustainable growth in the future.

VPG continues to strengthen and promote its core business sectors while expanding into new fields to make significant breakthroughs

During the exchange, VPG also shared with the representatives of Kirin Capital their business plans and some new investment projects in the upcoming period.

On the part of Kirin Capital, the company highly appreciated the achievements of VPG, and introduced Kirin Capital Investment Fund which provides support and accompanies enterprises for further development. The investment fund focuses on businesses with significant potential in Vietnam, including those in the mineral, logistics, construction, and real estate sectors. Apart from providing capital, Kirin Capital also offers valuable insights into the industries and an extensive network of foreign investors to help businesses grow and expand rapidly.

At the end of the meeting, both parties agreed on the potential and prospects of the mineral, logistics, construction, and real estate sectors in Vietnam. The two sides expressed a strong willingness to seek suitable cooperation and investment opportunities in these sectors. Through the meeting, Kirin Capital and VPG have established a reliable foundation and will continue to strengthen cooperative relationships, aiming for the two companies’ sustainable development, as well as the Vietnamese economy in the future.