Kirin Capital met and worked with VTC Intecom

On February 17, 2023, the delegation of Mr. Simon Yu, Executive Director of Kirin Capital Vietnam’s Game Fund Project, had a visit to VTC Technology & Digital Company (VTC Intecom).

The Director of VTC Intecom Business Development Center – Pham Van Thanh, the Deputy Director of the center – Trinh Quang Vinh, and the Director of Game Studio 2 – Nguyen Hung Cuong, warmly welcomed the Kirin team.

Besides the Vietnam gaming industry’s general concerns, such as the overall situation and development orientation, the two companies also paid attention to the eSports field. According to the Kirin Capital representative, Vietnam has great opportunities and potential to strongly develop this industry due to its young population and large number of Internet users.

E-sports has strong growth potential (Image: Thanh Nien Online)

VTC Intercom is one of Vietnam’s leading companies in online entertainment and game publishing, and a member of the Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sports Association. Aiming to promote the development of Vietnam’s gaming industry and the digital economy, VTC Intercom is willing to assist Kirin Capital in connecting and conversing with potential local game companies.

The meeting was highly successful, promising future opportunities for collaboration between Kirin Capital and Vietnamese game companies.