Kirin Capital Game Fund: Exploring opportunities to enter overseas markets

On July 26, Kirin Capital’s Game Investment Fund participated in the Game Business Conference 2023 held in Shanghai, China, under the theme ‘Exploring Export Opportunities and Building New Communication Models.’

Mr. Simon Yu (center), Director of Kirin Capital Game Investment Fund, represented the company at the conference

The Game Publishing Committee of the China Audio-Video & Digital Publishing Association and the Government of Gia Dinh District, Shanghai jointly organized the conference. It attracted the participation of leaders, organizations, and industry-leading enterprises such as leaders from Gia Dinh District – Shanghai, the Korea Game Industry Association, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the Quebec Government Office in Shanghai, as well as major game companies like Netease, Shanghai Mihoyo, Kaiying Network, Shanghai Lezuan (Habby), Amazon Web Services.

With the theme “Exploring Export Opportunities and Building New Communication Models,” the event provided breakthrough game production and export solutions to the current market. Specifically, the incorporation of cultural elements into games was highlighted as an important aspect to further enhance the appeal and innovation of game products, serving as a means to connect, exchange, and promote Eastern culture to the world.

Additionally, the conference also shared essential knowledge for releasing game products in the international market, as well as the trends in the developed industry such as Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea.

From an investor’s perspective, the event offered Kirin Capital valuable insights into both the regional and global markets. With existing resources, experience, and continuously updated information through networking events, exchanges, conferences, and in-depth industry research, Kirin Capital is ready to share and support Vietnamese businesses to develop, expand, and go global.