Kirin Capital collaborates with FIIS to promote Vietnam’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

On August 3rd, Kirin Capital met and exchanged with the FTU Innovation and Incubation Space (FIIS) about the entrepreneurial activities of students and startup companies in Vietnam, aiming to develop and strengthen the country’s entrepreneurship-innovation ecosystem.

The working session was attended by Mr. William Wang – Founding Partner of Kirin Capital, Ms. Lê Thị Thu Hà – Director of FIIS, Ms. Nguyễn Thu Hằng – Deputy Director of the center, Lecturer at the Department of International Trade, and Ms. Lê Thị Thu Hương – Head of the Incubation Division of the Center.

During the meeting, Kirin Capital and FIIS representatives discussed the potential, status, and future development trends of the startup ecosystem in Vietnam. Both parties recognized Vietnam as one of the most dynamic markets in the region for entrepreneurship and innovation. Vietnam’s ecosystem is seeing the emergence of numerous associations and specialized entities, including university campuses like FTU.

As a pioneering entity in entrepreneurship and innovation, FIIS, under the Foreign Trade University, aims to become an incubation center that supports and connects startups to suitable resources, such as major companies, investors, domestic and international economic agencies, etc., contributing to creating sustainable value for the businesses themselves and the community. They are about to launch the SIP 100 Startup Incubation Program, which provides 100 days of specialized counseling and support, and a one-year mentoring period for startups at the seed round stage, creating a sustainable platform for these startups to thrive.

From Kirin Capital’s perspective as an investor, Mr. William Wang expressed appreciation for outstanding startup projects of Vietnamese students and young startups that align with Kirin Capital’s criteria in renewable energy, technology, media, telecommunications (TMT), consumer goods, and healthcare areas. He also shared some focused investors usually consider when evaluating a startup. For example, industry positioning, market domination potential, scientific and technical improvement capabilities, market entry barriers, business models, and operational plans.

As a result of the meeting, both parties agreed to deepen their collaboration in supporting and providing opportunities for startups to grow through various projects and advisory and training programs, especially the upcoming SIP 100 Startup Incubation Program. With experience, resources, and international networks, Kirin Capital will continue to serve as a bridge between investors, agencies, organizations, and young startups, actively promoting Vietnam’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.