Kirin Capital at GAMEON 2023: Decoding Growth in Game and App Marketing

On July 26, 2023, Mr. Simon Yu, Director of Kirin Capital Game Investment Fund, was invited to attend the Game Application Overseas Marketing Summit (GAMEON) event organized by TikTok for Business.

TikTok for Business is a global platform and all-in-one tool developed by TikTok for product and service promotion campaigns. The GAMEON event initiated by TikTok for Business aims to provide creative ideas to help game and app developers grasp the latest marketing methods in the industry, seek breakthrough opportunities, and expand to the global market.

At the event, experts from leading brands, organizations, and media discussed the prospects of the industry based on current trends, shared marketing solutions for market challenges, and inspired innovation through successful case studies. Among them, the head of the advertising technology department at FunPlus shared “golden” experiences to increase conversion rates (CR) in the global market for advertisers.

Also during the event, TikTok for Business officially introduced Pangle, a new mobile advertising platform that provides effective marketing strategies, expands access traffic, and enhances quick order placement.

Through the event, Kirin Capital had the opportunity to interact and connect with TikTok’s international market team, learn about new features, and gain insight into specific development directions, promising a fruitful collaboration between the two parties in the near future.