Kirin Capital and VASB, VNIDA agreed to promote Vietnamese and Chinese businesses

Recently, Kirin Capital and representatives of the Vietnam Association of Securities Business (VASB) and Vietnam Independent Directors Association (VNIDA) met and discussed many future cooperation plans.

Kirin Capital, VASB and VNIDA agreed to cooperate and plan to implement many vital activities. Precisely, with diverse resources and partner networks, the parties will coordinate to organize many activities and events to connect partners, businesses, and investors between the two countries. The purpose is to establish a network of Vietnam-China business links to share business knowledge and learn about models that have been and are being developed in China that can be applied to Vietnamese businesses. In addition, the parties will also support B2B connections to open up many potential investment opportunities between the companies of the two countries.

Achieving this cooperation agreement marks Kirin Capital’s development in Vietnam, becoming a bridge between Vietnamese and Chinese businesses in investment promotion, establishing partner networks, and increasing capital flows of China entering the Vietnamese market.