Kirin Capital and kdKOO Vietnam aim to collaborate for mutual development

On April 18th, Mr. Simon Yu, Director of Kirin Capital Game Investment Fund, along with other team members, welcomed Mr. Alex Lim, CEO of kdKOO Plan IT Vietnam to visit and work at Kirin Capital. 

Mr. Alex Lim (center) visits and works at Kirin Capital’s headquarters

In the meeting, Mr. Lim introduced kdKOO Korea, the Group of “Multi Entertainment”, consisting of professionals from Sports, Esports, Content, and Media Businesses. Mr. Lim also shared about the products and services of kdKOO Plan IT Vietnam.

Following that, Kirin Capital and kdKOO Plan IT Vietnam had in-depth discussions about blockchain technology. Both parties appreciated the potential of applying blockchain technology in advertising and digital content and believed that the future of NFTs would bring about many breakthrough innovations in the effectiveness of connecting customers with platforms and content developers.

In recent years, blockchain has become a pioneering technology and is increasingly used worldwide. According to forecasts, the global blockchain market will reach a value of 7.18 billion USD in 2022 and 163.83 billion USD in 2029, with an annual growth rate of 56.3%. In particular, Vietnam’s market has great potential for strong development.

Vietnam is one of the potential markets for blockchain development

Through the sharing session, the two parties have reached some directions for investment and development cooperation in the future, as well as seeking to maximize the potential of technology in the Vietnamese market.