Kirin Capital and ĐuaFat Group discuss about infrastructure construction in Vietnam

On April 14th, 2023, Kirin Capital had the opportunity to visit and work at the headquarters of Duafat Group. The delegation, led by Kirin Investment Director Ferman Lee, exchanged views with representatives of ĐuaFat Group on issues related to infrastructure construction in Vietnam.

The two sides discussed the current development of infrastructure construction and agreed that the period of 2023-2025 would be the recovery stage of the construction industry. The two companies also shared the application of modern technology, including information technology at construction sites, to increase efficiency, ensure labor safety, and meet other environmental and social standards.

Despite some signs of recovery, the construction industry still faces many difficulties. In this context, ĐuaFat Group has continuously come up with flexible and innovative solutions to overcome challenges, improve product and service quality, and promote business activities to achieve the company’s goals in a volatile market.

The meeting between Kirin Capital and ĐuaFat Group was successful and promised potential cooperation opportunities in the future.