Kirin Capital and DS3: Connecting resources for sustainable development

On July 24, 2023, the investment team of Kirin Capital had the opportunity to visit and work with the leadership of DS3 Joint Stock Company (Stock Code: DS3). The meeting was a chance for both parties to exchange insights, and promote a close relationship in the coming time.

Mr. Hoang Ha Phuong – Chairman of DS3 (second from the right), Mr. Dao Vu Chinh – CEO (second from the left), and Mr. Hoang Thanh Tung – Deputy CEO (far right), warmly welcomed the Kirin Capital delegation

After overcoming several challenges in the past two years, DS3 decided to rejuvenate its leadership and implement corporate restructuring. During the meeting, Chairman Hoang Ha Phuong and the members of the Board of Directors shared the company’s strategies and development plans with the Kirin Capital team.

DS3 will continue to focus on core activities such as navigation, management, and maintenance of inland waterway transportation. Moreover, the company will expand its operations into industrial real estate, residential housing, tourism, and urban development. DS3’s vision for the next 1-2 years is to transform into a diversified enterprise, active in various fields such as inland waterway transportation, real estate, construction, and logistics.

DS3 strives to become a diversified conglomerate

At present, DS3 holds several promising real estate projects, creating opportunities and simultaneously generating the need to seek a reliable investor to provide financial support and help develop the company’s business. Kirin Capital with financial resources, extensive management experience, and international relationships, can help DS3 specifically, and potential businesses in general, to achieve their goal.

Through the meeting, both companies expressed openness and willingness to understand each other’s needs and actively cooperate to gain long-term and sustainable development in the future.