Assistant General Manager (Knowledge of English and Chinese)


  • According to company rules
  • Insurance according to State regulations
  • Professional working environment, advancement opportunities


  • Support leaders to do a good job comprehensively, coordinate the work of departments and solve daily work.
  • Collect and capture the work status of different departments in a timely manner, assist in coordinating related business between different departments, and grasp the main activities of the whole company.
  • Support the leadership to collect important reports of each department, proofread various important data, conduct performance evaluation of each department according to the test results, implement reward and punishment. Punish employees according to the results of performance evaluation.
  • Responsible for convening company office meetings and other related meetings, making meeting minutes, checking and supervising the implementation of meeting resolutions.
  • Responsible for managing corporate documents and administrative records and managing the collection and storage of documents in various departments, and business guidelines.
  • Responsible for organizing the development, revision and compilation of the company’s general management standards and regulations, and assisting in the development, discussion and revision of special management standards and management systems.
  • Assist directors and suppliers to establish a good working relationship, is responsible for arranging the reception of important company guests and organizing the work of important meetings.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by company leaders.


  1. Have good communication skills, positive attitude, can travel for business.
  2. Good image and temperament, good etiquette.
  3. English and Chinese.
  4. Having working experience of more than 2 years, knowledge of financial investment industry is preferred


Floor 12A, TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi