Corporate Finance Specialist


  • According to company rules
  • Insurance according to State regulations
  • Professional working environment, advancement opportunities


  • Responsible for the expansion of the organization’s business, including but not limited to debt financing, equity financing, PB operations, asset management, financial management, financial consulting and other professions;
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining institutional clients, including but not limited to listed companies, banks, private equity funds, trust companies and other financial institutions;
  • Responsible for participating in project signing, contracting and issuing financial products such as corporate bonds, private placement bonds, asset securitization and other financial products.
  • Responsible for and participates in planning project funding plans, making recommendations, creating and checking other related documents, document declaration, project coordination, etc.;
  • Responsible for establishing cooperation channels between agencies and introducing business resources, including but not limited to product introduction, customer referral, etc.; participate and coordinate with other departments to complete other business activities;
  • Capable of completing other tasks assigned by management.


  • Full-time university degree or higher, majoring in financial economics;
  • Experience in securities, banking, trusts and other related financial industries, and experience in private equity, non-standard operations or interbank financial operations preferred ;
  • Dignity, honesty, diligence;
  • Have good academic standing, communication ability, pioneering sense and teamwork spirit;
  • Having a certificate of securities practice, under 40 years old, no gender limit. BENEFITS
  • Salary composition: basic salary + position + allowances, benefits + effective salary + social insurance + commission, basic salary 15-30 million


Floor 12A, TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi